Sunday, March 13, 2016

Because you know I'm all about that babe

I'm writing this and next week she's going to be two months so I need to hurry and catch up!
The first month went by SO fast. Partly because all I was doing was sleeping, feeding and changing a baby so the days just blurred together. Trevor was off the first week after she was born due to Thanksgiving break. He had to go back to school for two weeks for the MBA program he's doing. Then he was off for the next 3 weeks with me. It was nice to have him home and have help while adjusting to our new life!

She was actually pretty mad in this picture but she happens to look happy so it works! She was not having it while I was trying to take her one month pictures.

She's about a week old in this picture. Trevor LOVES this polar bear suit on her. I needed to get out of the house so we bundled her up and went on a quick walk.

I just love this picture. I mean I love every picture, but this one especially!

Going for another walk. She doesn't seem super pleased!

She use to pull this face all the time where she puckers her lips and just looks all around like it's a normal facial expression!

All dressed up for her first Christmas Party!

We have a thumb sucker. She finds her thumb rather easily when she can't find her binky. Dentist dad isn't to pleased about this new habit!

We went to temple square to see the lights and to see a sister missionary that is serving at temple square. Trevor taught her on his mission in Brazil and now she's a temple square missionary!

Riley got a hiking back pack for Christmas! She's more interested in trying to eat it than anything else

Getting in some quick Z's with uncle Brad

New Years Eve. Some one is a little excited to go see the fireworks!

It was cold so we zipped her up in my jacket to keep her nice and warm while we went outside to light off a couple of fireworks.

Riley's first road trip. She was a champ! She slept most of the time. We went down to Vegas for my cousins baby shower. Trevor was out of town on a school conference trip so I asked my mom to drive with us and away we went!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

She's here! Announcing Riley Claire Paskett

I can't believe our little girl is here and is a week old! I've clearly got some catching up to do since our last post. These last few weeks have been such a whirl wind. First, here is the very last baby bump picture at 36 weeks. I was going to take one last 37 week picture before I was induced but the hospital called an hour and a half before we were supposed to go in so I didn't have time :(

Last baby bump picture!

We found at 36 weeks that I had Preeclampsia. Basically it constricts the blood vessels causing swelling, high blood pressure and issues with kidney and liver function. They caught it after I had gained several pounds since my last appointment and my blood pressure was high. I had to go straight over to the hospital for a "non stress test." Not sure how it can be a non stress test after they explain that preeclampsia can cause issues with several things and one being not enough blood going to the placenta. So I went over and was hooked up to monitors and did several blood panels to check my kidney and liver function. My blood pressure went down after resting and they talked about the possibility of bed rest. I was supposed to go in twice a week to be monitored and keep a close eye on me and the baby. The next appointment is when they told me that they were going to induce me the next week at 37 weeks. I still went in several times for non stress tests and blood work to make sure that both baby and I continued to do okay. I hurried to help get the temp trained at work and do LOTS of last minute baby stuff that I had thought I still had several weeks to do.

Trevor and I were able to sneak in our first Jazz game of the season two days before Riley came (Ignore my puffy face :( one of the fun side effects of preeclampsia). It was such a fun game. It was really close and the Jazz won! I actually lost my voice yelling at the refs. Naturally they can hear my yelling at their idiotic calls from the nose bleeds :D

The timing was actually perfect to have our little girl. Trevor had a test the Friday morning that I was being induced. He was able to take that and get it out of the way before we went in. Originally we weren't going to get  a call until 9 or 10 Friday morning and then they'd give us a time to come in. I did several things, mostly cleaning, to get ready Friday night and went to bed expecting to be able to finish in the morning. I got a call at 5:45 asking us to come in at 7. We had just enough time to get up, shower, pack and get out the door. We live a half hour away from the American Fork hospital so it was a mad rush to get out of the house. 

Here we are at the hospital. I had grand dreams of having my hair and make up done before we went into the hospital but that obviously didn't happen. Oh well, I had more important things to do... like deliver a baby!

We got checked in and settled in our room. The doctor came in at 7:45 and broke my water. Right after they started me on pitocin. I waited for several hours to see how well I did without an epidural. I figured I'd need one, but to be honest I was pretty nervous about getting one so I held off. I had some major back contractions and they came on quick, hard and fast. I was dying by the time the anesthesiologist came in. He was fantastic! He was super quick and was able to get the tricky stuff done in between contractions. Trevor was curious and wanted to watch so my mom came and held my hand and rubbed my legs. The anesthesiologist walked Trevor through everything he was doing and Trevor was pretty fascinated with the whole process. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. It most definitely beat feeling the contractions. I was uncomfortable for the 10 seconds he was putting in the tub thingy (like my medical terminoligy!), but other than that I was fine.
After the epidural life was so wonderful! Family came in and out that day and I took several naps. When we went in I was already dilated to a 2. By four o'clock I was still only a 4 and they had cranked the pitocin up as much as they could. Contractions were pretty strong, according to the monitor since I couldn't feel them, and were 2-5 minutes apart. Still I wasn't progressing very fast. They brought in a birthing ball that they put in between my knees to open up my hips. We did one side for an hour and the opposite side for an hour. After two hours of that I went from a 4 to a 7! We were finally getting close! 
At 9:25 I was fully dilated and ready to go! The nurse came in and told me to do some "test pushes." Trevor came and held one leg while the nurse held the other. Finally after quite a few "test pushes" I realized we were close to getting this baby out and this was not a test run! A little less than an hour after I started pushing the nurse was counting "5... 6... 7... 8... STOP!" It was finally time to call the doctor in! He came in and about 15 minutes later she was here. She was FINALLY here. She came at 10:34 pm. I got to hold her before they cleaned her up and it was the most amazing feeling to hold my daughter for the first time. She weighed in at 5 lbs 9 oz and they said 16.5 in long (when we went to the pediatrician a few days later she measured 18 in). They cleaned her up and brought her over and we did skin to skin. After that Trevor was able to hold his little girl for the first time. By that point everyone had left and it was just our little family and the nurse. 

First family picture!

Dr. Bean delivered Riley. I had only seen him once throughout my pregnancy. He was hard to schedule an appointment with and now I see why. He was fantastic. Super funny and just a really great doctor. He made the experience so much better. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor.

Trevor holding his daughter for the first time!

Hellllooo world!

I was able to eat some much needed food and get cleaned up before we went down to our room. She stayed with us that night. We were in the hospital for 2 days so they could keep an eye on her since she was so small and to keep an eye on me to make sure my vitals started returning to normal. She passed all of her tests like a champ and we were able to go home late Sunday morning.
The last week has been so fun and so tiring! She is 100% worth it and perfect! Trevor was off all Thanksgiving week and has been the best help. We're still figuring out breast feeding so he helps feed while I pump, changes diapers (and has been pooped and peed on lots!) and is always more than willing to snuggle Riley.
We think Riley is the cutest baby we've ever seen, but we may just be biased! So far she's a pretty well tempered baby and really doesn't fuss. She cries on and off when she's hungry, but doesn't wail unless she's getting a bath, or has cold wipes! 

And now prepare for baby overload pictures. You've been warned!
Getting ready to head home. We came in as two and are leaving as three!

All snuggled up to take her first ride in her car seat.

Finally home!

First Jazz game with daddy. The onesie is to big but daddy wanted to put it on her :)

First bath. Riley was not please, but she smelt SO good after!

Riley LOVES to pull faces, especially scowls. I was trying to get a picture of her smiling when I caught this face by chance. Not what I had planned but it was pretty adorable non the less!

My babes taking a snooze. My heart is full and life is perfect.

Riley Claire at one week old. This has been the best week of our lives! I just want time to stand still and have her stay this little forever.

Are we there yet?!... How about now?

We're getting there, but not fast enough! I'm now 35 weeks. Only 5 left to go! Although, I wouldn't mind if she decided to come a week or two sooner :)
Here are a couple bump pictures... I'm missing a few weeks so I'll have to go back and find where I saved them and post them later.

24 weeks! I finally felt like I was showing enough to be obviously pregnant!

I'm not exactly sure what I saw getting mad at Trevor for, but he happened to take a picture when I was getting irritated with him!

30 weeks. Heartburn is REALLY starting to kick in now.

7 months down, two more to go!

This was at 34 weeks. Trevor wasn't home to take a picture for me and I was to lazy to do a chalkboard picture. This was as festive as I got for Halloween!

And here we are! I'm not sure where the other weeks went... hopefully I can find them! Eight months down, one more to go!

Heartburn and acid reflux are in full affect. It's progressively gotten worse throughout the pregnancy. The uncontrollable coughing and burping was so bad the other week Trevor had to sleep on the couch. At least one of us was able to get some shut eye. Sigh, gone are the days of sleep. If it's not acid reflux its leg cramps. If it's not that it's because she's deciding to have a dance party right as I lay down. I've been on Prevacid and Mylanta the last couple of months. They're my saving grace!

No name yet. Trevor and I are going back and forth between two names but can't decide on a middle name. We may just have to see what she looks like when she gets here and decide.

Elycia, Trevor's sister, hosted a baby shower for me this past month. It was a blast! It was for Trevor's side, and it's always fun to visit with everyone. We got lots of essentials, and of course adorable clothes! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be changing her outfit 5 times a day because I won't be able to decide on just one outfit.
My mom and friend RaVae hosted another baby shower for my side this week. So fun! She sure is spoiled and won't have a shortage of adorable outfits! We had yummy food and my mom did a fun price is right game. I discovered baby stuff is more expensive than I expected! I saw lots of familiar faces that I hadn't seen in a while and it was great to catch up with everyone.

Trevor is still staying busy. Between dental committee's, VP responsibilities, school & research he has something just about every weekend. 
He loves feeling his little girl move. His favorite thing is to lay his head on my belly and just feel/ listen to her. I wish it didn't irritate my acid reflux, because I could sit all night cuddling with my two favorite people! Unfortunately I can only stand it for a short period of time. We're just counting down the days when we can cuddle with her outside of my belly :)

I'm in full nesting mode. I'm getting anxious/ excited/ nervous and I can't sit still. I spent last Saturday working on the living room, gathering decorations and hanging pictures that I've been putting off. I organized my closet and took lots of stuff to DI to start making room for the little girl. I'm basically wanting to rearrange the whole house because it's clearly not functional (are you catching the sarcasm??!). Trevor is probably going crazy with everything I want to do but is mostly being a good sport. Fitting everything we need into an 800 sq. ft. home? Challenge accepted! Luckily most days I realize some of my changes aren't feasible and realize that we'll be able to make do. 
Only 5 more weeks to go!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's a GIRL??!!! And a stubborn one at that!

Psych, we were all fooled. Either she was being difficult, or modest, during the first ultrasound. She had her knees pulled into her chest and both feet covering, so we couldn't see much. Our doctor told us if he were a betting man he'd say boy. Well doc, I hope you didn't place to much on that bet ;-) We knew there was still a chance that it could be a girl, but we were going along with the doctors best guess. I've had several dreams about a little girl, so the beginning of the pregnancy I was convinced it was a girl. When they said boy I was surprised, but started getting excited for a little guy. I was just happy everything was going well. Then I started thinking and knew we were having a girl at some point, and was terrified that we'd have like 5 boys in a row but have to keep going to get our little girl. I'm glad that's not the case!
You know how the ultrasound at 20 weeks is supposed to be about half hour, max? Ya, not for us. Times both of our stubbornness by two and put it into one tiny body. What do you get? A very uncooperative baby and an hour and a half long appointment. The tech was getting just barely getting a good enough picture to do the measurements and scan, but nothing clear enough to print pictures for us. Then it got to the point where she got everything she could. I got up and moved around, and got a drink a couple times. One of the times I came back and she was in an even worse position. Little stinker. The tech told us that she hasn't had a baby this difficult in a long time. She knew I was dying to confirm what we were having and I'm fairly certain she was taunting me! ;-) We were over our appointment and there was someone else waiting for an ultrasound. The tech asked us if we wanted to wait around for 20 minutes or so, or come back next month. Is that a question? I'll wait (remember who this baby got her stubbornness from!). I was determined to figure out the sex of this child! Plus we still had the heart and a few things to look at that I wanted to make sure looked okay for my peace of mind. The front desk gave me some sprite and I paced and moved the whole time we were waiting. It did the trick, for a few minutes anyway.
We went back in and the ultrasound tech was able to get a much better shot of several things. She asked us "so in the last appointment he told you he was pretty sure it was a boy?" "Umm... Ya..." "Well this is most definitely NOT a boy. See these three dots here? It's a girl!" The tech still wasn't able to get everything she needed though, so it's round 3 for the ultrasound. Third times a charm... right?! We did get to watch her suck her thumb, So cute! Or maybe she was doing it because she knows her dad is a future dentist and wouldn't approve! It was so fun to not only be able to feel her kick, but to watch her kick as well during the ultrasound. I'm pretty sure I could've sat there all day and just watched her move, and kick, and suck her thumb, and just sleep!


We were definitely surprised! I wasn't disappointed, but it took me a night to get used to the idea of having a girl. I'd been paying so much attention to these cute little boys I'd see and getting excited for boy stuff, so it was just an adjustment. By the next day I was in full girl mode though. I may have even started a registry... or two... already. I couldn't help it. I'm just to excited!
Now it's time to pick out quilt patterns and colors and finding baby gear. We only have four months left after all ;-)! The holidays will sneak up on us pretty quick, and towards the end I have a feeling I won't be wanting to do much of anything! Trevor and I have two very different tastes when it comes to names. Hopefully four months is long enough to battle it out over names!
Baby girl Paskett we can wait until you're here!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Woah, we're half way there!

Any one catch the Bon Jovi reference? Eh?! I'm pretty sly, I know! We're raising this baby right and having them listen to the good music already, so I thought the title was fitting.
I'm 20 weeks today! It's so crazy. I can't believe we're really half way there already. It's starting to slowly set it. I keep picturing bringing this small person home, and I'm realizing that it's our small person. This is nuts! Trevor and I act like children half the time and now we're supposed to raise one? I guess we'll just be really fun parents!
Here are some fun pictures of my little growing bump. I still feel like I'm really small compared to other girls. At first I was really bummed because I was ready to flaunt my bump. Now I'm just really happy and hope that it means I wont get to big and uncomfortable the rest of the pregnancy.
I finally had someone ask a couple weeks ago if I was pregnant. I liked her approach, it was cute. While it was still a brave question to ask, it was tactful and funny. One of our primary teachers came and asked if she could ask me a question. She said she had been noticing something different about me and asked if I was pregnant. You could see the sigh of relief when I told her I was. Then she proceeded into the "I thought I noticed your belly growing!" Good thing it wasn't just cheeseburgers... although that probably has contributed to the size of my growing belly ;-)
Last week someone asked when I was due, not if I was expecting. Score! I'm finally out of the "is she pregnant, or getting a gut?" phase, and obvious enough that people are confident enough to ask.
I've been feeling our little squirt kick, punch and do somersaults pretty frequently for about the last two weeks. Trevor is very anxiously waiting to be able to feel him move too.

The big announcement! I didn't realized this picture didn't turn out super great until after the fact, but it does the job in showing where I'm at bump wise at 10 weeks.

Naturally, our first baby purchase was Jazz onesies (and cute basketball binkies!). Like I said we're raising this kid right, and early. He'll be attending a Def Leppard concert, and I'm sure a Jazz game, before he's even born :)

14 weeks. Just barely starting to show. I'm in that "is she pregnant, or getting a gut phase?" 2nd trimester baby! No morning sickness. I only got sick once, so no more Little Caesars pizza for me. Other than being tired I haven't had any other symptoms to this point. 

18 weeks. Look, you can see a little bump! Cravings: anything salty. Particularly McDonald's fries. I'm also craving carrots and salads so that evens things out, right?!

And for the half way mark! Baby Paskett is very actively kicking kicking. Trevor is pretty jealous that he can't feel the baby moving yet. It should be anytime now though :) I kind of like that I'm the only one who can feel baby move for now. Make's those crummy days worth it, and makes me less anxious knowing that means baby is doing okay.
So far I've been lucky enough to avoid morning sickness. I've felt nauseous occasionally but that's about it. The acne isn't fun, but I'll take it over morning sickness. I've loved that my nails and hair are growing like crazy!
We go in this week for the big scan. I didn't find out until a few days ago why everyone referred to it as "the big scan..." because it's an hour long! They'll be able to confirm if it's a boy or not so we're pretty anxious to find out for sure.

And that's all for now folks! Once we find out the gender I'm sure I'll be in full baby mode and busy trying to distract myself until the little squirt gets here!