Sunday, March 13, 2016

Because you know I'm all about that babe

I'm writing this and next week she's going to be two months so I need to hurry and catch up!
The first month went by SO fast. Partly because all I was doing was sleeping, feeding and changing a baby so the days just blurred together. Trevor was off the first week after she was born due to Thanksgiving break. He had to go back to school for two weeks for the MBA program he's doing. Then he was off for the next 3 weeks with me. It was nice to have him home and have help while adjusting to our new life!

She was actually pretty mad in this picture but she happens to look happy so it works! She was not having it while I was trying to take her one month pictures.

She's about a week old in this picture. Trevor LOVES this polar bear suit on her. I needed to get out of the house so we bundled her up and went on a quick walk.

I just love this picture. I mean I love every picture, but this one especially!

Going for another walk. She doesn't seem super pleased!

She use to pull this face all the time where she puckers her lips and just looks all around like it's a normal facial expression!

All dressed up for her first Christmas Party!

We have a thumb sucker. She finds her thumb rather easily when she can't find her binky. Dentist dad isn't to pleased about this new habit!

We went to temple square to see the lights and to see a sister missionary that is serving at temple square. Trevor taught her on his mission in Brazil and now she's a temple square missionary!

Riley got a hiking back pack for Christmas! She's more interested in trying to eat it than anything else

Getting in some quick Z's with uncle Brad

New Years Eve. Some one is a little excited to go see the fireworks!

It was cold so we zipped her up in my jacket to keep her nice and warm while we went outside to light off a couple of fireworks.

Riley's first road trip. She was a champ! She slept most of the time. We went down to Vegas for my cousins baby shower. Trevor was out of town on a school conference trip so I asked my mom to drive with us and away we went!

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